All About Our Training

Our training is engaging, affordable and convenient.  Our trainers come to your site and deliver the training you want and need.  Here’s how:

  1. Identify a training need.  Your training needs may be driven by licensing, your center’s strategic plan, in response to an incident or because your center wants to achieve an even higher quality program.
  2. Review our Foundations for Families 2016 ECE Professional Development brochure Our training is high quality, research based and, in most cases, meets the requirements for ongoing staff training and development for state licensing. If you do not see the training you need, please call to discuss our training development service.  Often, we can build a custom training to reflect your specific needs.
  3. Check the calendar. We offer training at your convenience.  We do book up quickly for federal holidays and the last week in August.  It is best to schedule your training well in advance!
  4. Review the cost. Our training delivery fee is $150 per hour.  Our training development fee is $100 per hour. There may be additional fees, such as materials and travel.
  5. Announce the training to the staff: Our trainings are engaging, informative and designed to suit a variety of adult learning styles. Trainings are most successful when the teaching staff has time to look forward to it and arrange transportation and their own child care, when they are full and comfortable (snacks and adults sized seats are great) and when they understand how the training ris valued by managment.Our enthusiastic, dedicated training team offers trainings in English and in Spanish.  Check out the testimonial section to read what the participants say about their experiences with our trainings.

More questions? Please give us a call!  We’d are happy to answer all of your questions and would love to help you coordinate your next training.

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