Program Design and Start Up

If your agency is on the preliminary winners list for EHS-Child Care Partnership grants or if you have recently received a DRS five-year award, Foundations for Families can help.

Foundations for Families has extensive experience with Head Start and Early Head Start start-up planning. We have successfully guided programs in proposal writing, opening-day, and ribbon cutting ceremonies. This process can be as overwhelming as it is exciting for programs without start-up experience. Fortunately, the Office of Head Start encourages the use of start-up partners for guidance through:

  • Application and proposal writing
  • Operationalizing Federal Performance Standards
  • Group collaboration
  • Staff training and hiring
  • Program planning
  • Community awareness
  • Process implementation
  • Federal program resources

We can help with all of them and more! At Foundations for Families we are thrilled to contribute to the expansion of Head Start and Early Head Start programs. To learn more about how Foundations for Families can help enhance and strengthen your program contact Amy Augenblick, Executive Director, at (703) 599-4329 or

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