The Biting Project

We do a lot of work with infant and toddler biters and their victims, their teachers and their families in child development centers and family child care homes in and around Washington, DC.

It goes without saying that we wish the work didn’t exist – no one likes the actual biting.  But we recognize that biting is typical and that as long as any of us work with very young children, we’ll regularly face the challenge of biting.

The biting work is among our most interesting and rewarding.  Why?  We view biting as behavior and behavior as communication.  Biters are trying to tell us something, but they tell us in code.  It is our job to decode the message so we can intervene most appropriately to reduce the biting behavior as quickly as possible.

In addition to helping children, families and centers one by one, we are developing a resource to share more widely.

We’d like your help.

About The Biting Project:

Currently, we are collecting stories, perspectives and data to include in the resource book about biting.

We’ll visit child development centers, family child care homes and the offices experts in our region to gather current and historical data and document stories and perspectives.

We’ll share what we find in the context the existing biting research and best practice in our field.

Please Get Involved!


Are you the parent of a biter with a story to share? Are you the parent of a biting victim with a story to share? Are you the teacher in a classroom that regularly has biting behavior? Are you a director who has coped with biting?

We would love to include your stories.  No identifying information will be shared.


Are you a Child Development Specialist? Child Psychologist? Early Childhood Educator? Pediatrician? Special Educator? Speech Therapist?

What’s your take on biting? What resources and research did you study in your graduate level training?


There is some published research on biting, but not nearly enough.  We’d love to use the data that you have already collected in the form of incident reports.

If you are willing to share this data, with the assurance that it will be treated ethically, respectfully and confidentially, please contact us.

In exchange, we will host a parent education and teacher workshop (for credit with licensing) at your center or home.

Immediate Help with Biting…

Do you need help with biting right now? Please call. 703-299-6570.

We offer on-site consultation, incident report review and analysis, and a customized plan of action. 

Training for Staff

We can schedule our very popular 2-hour teacher training: Biting! Responding Appropriately to the Biter, the Victim and Their Families.

Workshops for Families

Emotions run high when biting behavior occurs. Call us if you’d like to schedule an hour and a half long workshop for parents on the topic of biting.

Thank you for your help with this important project.


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