2011 Salary Survey

2011 Salary Survey

In 2011, we completed a salary survey of child development centers and early education programs in the DC, MD and VA region.  We thank the participants so much for participating!

Sharing the data

All of the participating centers and programs received a full report with data compilation and analysis in July, 2011.  We shared parts of the our the findings on our blog.

Why the survey?

Many Directors in our network expressed interest in our conducting a salary survey.  The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) notes that salary surveys are often used to create an organization’s pay programs and practices.  SHRM calls them the ‘DNA’ of compensation programs.

As we distributed our final report, the national conversation about early childhood educators’ compensation, value and worth became more vibrant.  It was amplified by the announcement of the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge.

The Directors Network    

We operate a Network for Directors and Administrators in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.  We extend complementary membership to administrators at all centers.

The Process

The interested group of Directors received a copy of the salary survey questionnaire and all centers were invited to participate.  We consider all identifying information confidential and it is not included in our final report.

Ultimately, we received completed questionnaires from 13 centers in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.  The centers represent a wide range of child care options in our area: part-day preschool programs, full-day programs, programs operated by not-for-profit organizations and private organizations, programs connected to a university and to independent schools, Head Start and Early Head Start Programs, programs that accept child care subsidies, and very small, medium and large/multi-site programs.

We asked for starting hourly rate information for teachers, assistant teachers, cook/floaters, assistant directors and directors.  In many cases, directors noted a range.  We used the lowest, starting hourly rate in all cases for the most meaningful comparison possible.  While we asked for hourly start rate information, we annualized it using the common *2080 method.  While not every employee necessarily works full-time, we wanted to make the annualized equivalents available.

Next Steps for Directors and Educators

Whether you are satisfied with your program’s salary offerings or would like to make some adjustments, it is valuable to see what other programs are doing.  We know that it impacts all of our recruiting and retention efforts.  Also, you might use this report to talk with Boards of Directors, your organization’s leadership or a Policy Council about how you can attract and keep the very best people.  This information can be part of your strategic plan and your advocacy efforts.

Next Steps for Us

We will continue to conduct research for the Network and make it available to you as a service to our industry.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to talk about your compensation structure so that you can continue to recruit and retain the very best early childhood educators and staff possible.

If you want your early childhood program to operate efficiently and effectively so you can spend more time enjoying very young children and their families, contact us!  703-299-6570 or info@foundationsforfamilies.com


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