Directors’ Network

Center Directors sometimes feel isolated even though they are surrounded by children, families and staff every minute of the day.  The nature of the job and various confidentiality issues prevent directors the opportunity to vent and reflect.  But in this field, connection and reflection are critical.

Foundations for Families is committed to creating a community for child development center directors in the VA/DC/MD area who value connection to other directors who operate in the same environment and face many of the same challenges.

The Directors’ network is specifically designed to give directors a safe and friendly forum for discussion and professional networking. Who better to ask for ideas, best practices, and proven strategies than other local directors? Who else is going to immediately ‘get it’? That’s what we thought. And we bet you will, too. So, please, join us.

We offer

  • Quarterly in-person Directors’ Forums
  • Monthly electronic news briefs
  • Special rates on teacher training
  • A virtual book club

We support center directors by providing

  • Training to expand the knowledge and skills of professionals who administer early childhood programs.
  • Technical Assistance and professional coaching to improve program quality.
  • Regular reviews of local professional development opportunities and issues.

Don’t go at it alone.  Give us a call and join your peers in-the-know: 703-299-6570.

What do you think?

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