Center Director Search

Amy was retained to lead the search from beginning to end.  She was on time with everything, exceeded our already high expectations and never stopped searching until we found the perfect, and I do mean perfect, candidate for our Center.  Peter O’Neill, RCC Board of Directors

When non-profit, parent boards of directors need to hire a new center director, we help them understand what is involved in the hiring process and complete as much of it as they want. From coordination to complete implementation to occasional questions and advice – different boards have different needs and we accommodate them all.

Non-profit, parent boards of directors of non-profit child development centers are competent professionals who care a lot about their child’s center. Usually, they have full time jobs and are very busy. In many cases, this is their first experience with child care and they are experts in a different industry – not this one.

That means that when the board is tasked with finding a new director, they are face a very time consuming task with many unfamiliar elements.

Foundations for Families saves the board members’ time and brings an experienced perspective to the task. We are deeply engaged with the community of directors, assistant directors and other administrative professionals in the child care industry in the DC metro area.

Other search firms know search – we know director search. Call us and learn more about how we can protect your time and deliver an efficient process that results in a terrific new director: 703-599-4329.


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